Thursday, 6 February 2014

Why recall?

Hey guys! Today it's me, Dina Mom, to bring to you the issue of recall training. It's me because, well because I thought Dina would take the topic a bit too lightly. After a couple of incidents that I won't recall (pun not intended) on this blog because it would take way too long (but I might share them on my Dina Mom page) I realised that Dina's recall is fine with little distractions: just walking and sniffing, approaching another dog, sniffing butts with that dog. However, if that dog starts to chase Dina, she panics. She can usually out run most dogs but there are some individuals in the dog world who don't take no for an answer and then Dina's recall goes to pot as she usually doesn't know how to get to me with the other dog trying to play with her. This is a mix of my rubbish socialising (or lack thereof), not the best training and the other dog. I'm not going to tell you how to teach recall because that has been done before (as can be seen here,  here and here -just scroll down until you see the recall sub-heading) and would just be boring. So instead I'll say some of the reasons why I think you should train your dog to come when called.

  • It is just plain, darned useful.- I know I need the recall cue when I want to take a cool photo of Dina or something. Just say 'Dina!' and she magically appears.
  • Safety- Safety, safety and safety. Recall from a busy road. Recall from a dog that may not be the friendliest. Recall if your dog is not the friendliest. The list goes on...
  •  It is one of the basics in puppy classes for a reason not just because people feel like teaching it.
  • Teaches control

Dina Mom

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Many Uses of Banana

Hey pups! A couple of days ago Mom cut up a banana into little pieces and froze them. (DM: Little tip for you guys: don;t put them all in one bowl as they are impossible to set apart later. You know...when they are literally FROZEN SOLID! I don't know why it surprised me so?)

Do not do this!


Licking the bowl clean

See? Clean!

A Frozen Banana can be Used For...

...getting a dog to beg.

...getting a dog to look cute

...getting a dog to roll over

Licks and Wags,

Today's Walk Photo

Monday, 3 February 2014

Mischievous Mom

Hey pups! Today is Mischief Monday but I'm not the one being naughty today. Oh no, it's Mom. And not just today either, Thursday, Friday and Saturday- she didn't walk me. At all! It was raining and pouring and hailing so it wouldn't have been much fun anyways but still! I think she should get punished, so as a way to make sure she doesn't lag behind with walks and posts on my blog I have set up a challenge for her. Everyday, Mom needs to post a photo from a walk of that day. Whaddaya think? It'll help her walk me and meet the own challenge she set up for herself to post everyday from today, 3rd February, to the 3rd of March. Sounds like a plan?

Licks and Wags,