Monday, 31 March 2014

The Sheep Toilet Walk

Hey pups! Today's afternoon was a two hour stroll in one of the local common which is often a place where sheep or cattle graze (hence the name also partly because Mom happened to step in sheep poo once of twice but you didn't hear that from me.) On the way to the common I went into hunter mode

This was my victim!

I also received and replied to some pee-mail!
During the short walk to the common there is a small field where I was let off leash and we played fetch. Yaaayyy!

After 15 minutes 3 weeks of walking we finally got there: The Common!

Some random holly leaf....blame Mom!

(DM: Love the expression here. It's all: "Say what?")

The killer head-tilt

Who has an awesome recall? That's right, this baby!

See all the sheep prints

There was a lake

Me loves trees! They make great toilets!

Richard Lionheart? No, no they meant DINA Lionheart
 That's our walk today. We also wanted to check on a local Geocache but some stoopid windsurfer dude or something appeared and I didn't like the noise so we left ASAP. *Poor puppy*

Licks and Wags,

Pee S. We're joining the A to Z Blogging Challenge. We have to blog for 26 days in April (we get Sundays off) and each post must have a theme starting with each letter of the alphabet. Check out the sign up list here; we're no. 1815. I think this is a great come-back opportunity with Train Trek England instead of Dog the Dina. Wish us luck!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fresh Start

Hey guys! We're back! On our first blogaversary! You don't have to be too smart as cookie for your ol' clogs to be goin' "Hang on a tick, mate! Somethin' ain't right here!" Well, if that is what you're thinking then well done you! Dina and I (mostly me) didn't feel that our old blogging style was for us. I was trying too hard to get followers and be like everybody else in the wonderful world that is Blogville that I didn't really pay attention to whether I enjoyed blogging or if it was a chore for me. Sadly, mid-February I realised that this was the case, it was a chore I mean, and I knew that had to change. So once when out hiking with Dina I was thinkin'...what do I love most about having a dog? What do I like so much I think I could learn enough about that I could share it with others and hopefully they could learn something? (Now I realise that Dina is my first dog and I am still a newbie but hopefully with time I'll learn some handy tips and share them with you guys.) And the answer to these questions that I came up with was the long walks. And the absolutely fascinating science of animal behaviour with the art of dog training. So that is what we are now: Train-Trek-England! We hope you are as excited as we are. Dog the Dina has come to a close after a exactly a year of existence and we have learnt loads but time to move on. However, we want Train-Trek-England to have the same 'birthday' as Dog the Dina so here we are blogging on the blogoversary (I would love it if someone told me the actual spelling ;)). For this summarised check out the 'About' bit in the sidebar.

I've had by bit and Dina wants a go so to make this post a bit more entertaining and less boring here is a taster of what will be on here: yesterday's trek.

Dina Mom

Hey, pups! Did ya miss me? I sure missed you! Anyways let's get crackalackin'! Yesterday, at 10am Mom and I set off for a trail we have walked once before about a year ago. As we have walked it before we were fairly confident. We set off and climbed up the hill. As we got to the peak Mom realised she didn't bring by frisbee (dawg, who can you rely on these days?) so she came up with the very clever (NOT!) idea of taking the rubber ring off my water bowl and throwing that for me. This worked fine for a whole 10 seconds when it split. Still Mom threw it around and I had fun.

The view of Surrey that met us

I had to strike a pose...

...before we continued up on our way to the tower. The ticket was only 80p so Mom asked if dogs were allowed. They weren't (who needs some rubbish tower anyway?) so we found our trail and carried on. Well, I say found Mom went along to the general direction saying she knows what she is doing as she's been there before. Wooooof! Yeah right! Whether we got lost or not depends on your definition of lost: if it's not being able to pinpoint where you are on a map then no we weren't lost, but if to you lost is not keeping exactly to the trail you planned to be on, then hell we were lost! It took us about 10 or 15 minutes on a public footpath to get from where we were to get to where we were supposed to be. It looked something like this:

(Yes! This was done on paint. #technology)
Toward the end of the 10-15min backtrack there was an almost vertical drop that is inaccurately represented in this photo:

Our path was where the two nearly invisible red dots are!
On the up side this adorable photo was also taken there:

From there everything went smoothly apart from a couple of drops of rain. We saw a cool waterfall which Mom didn't take a picture of (again: hello who is by servant here? Mom!). It was a nice 3 hour walk but at the end we had to wait for the bus for 50 minutes. It wasn't late...we were!

Licks and Wags,

Pee S. If you liked what you have seen read, then please come back for more soon!