Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dog Wit

When a puppy takes fifty
catnaps during the course of the day,
he cannot always be expected
to sleep the night through.
Albert Payson Terhune


A puppy is but a dog, plus high 
spirits, and minus common sense.
Agnes Repplier


When you feel lousy, puppy
therapy is indicated.
Sara Paretsky

My VERY first day home!

21 down, 29 more to go!

What? I thought they were warm cuddle mates!

Hey pups! I hope you have enjoyed these witty quotes, more are surely on the way.

Licks and Wags,

Dog Wit-USA

Monday, 29 April 2013

I'm a STAR!

Hey pups! Mom has a new art project set for the next four weeks. The theme is 'Famous for 15 Minutes'. As you can do literally ANYTHING, Mom quite naturally chose dogs and more specifically MOI! The project- which for Mom is a photography one- has to clearly portray what you would want to be famous for.  Mom's chosen reason is being a good dog owner, being known for it in her area, her social group and workplace. So as the project she is going to take photos of doing loads of stuff with me and other dogs, you might even get to meet my sister! Here are the first photos Mom took today, exploring a new park:


No Mom! There is no room for you!

And jump!

Keep tuned for updates!

Licks and Wags,

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Facebook and Twitter

Hey pups! Even though you guys may have already noticed in the sidebar, I have not yet introduced my brave new step into the world of puppy networking! I have my own Facebook and Twitter! They are just starting up and I'm trying to post regularly but it isn't always working out.

I'm heading over there! You should too!
Licks and Wags,

Black and White Sunday

Park Day!

Hey pups! I've not been online for a while but Mom has had to cram for exams, so she couldn't help me out. I have been on a hike for Park Day though! We went for a hik eup to a chirch in a local vilage where we have been before but we decided to go a different path. We saw pigs and a GIANT lake! I met a cute little spaniel and two greyhounds! I don't have any pics as our camera is broken :( However we had a great day out!

Licks and Wags,

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Green? Yellow? Orange? I just can't decide!

Hey pups! On Mommy Page- which some of you may have read- Mom was asking you guys what would be a great new harness. Mom has suspicions that my current harness is rubbing my armpits, so she is looking into getting a new one for me. After careful research into the matter, asking you pups-thanks for the reply petits filous- and asking her fellow dog lovers on DogForum Mom has settled on getting a Puppia harness. This, however, opens a whole new can of worms: WHAT COLOUR? Which pattern would look best on me? Mom has look around the internet and picked out a few favourites. Tells us which one in your opinion would look the best on my sleek, little body.



Dog Story-wine

Dog Story-brown

Lime Green



So waddaya pups think? Share your opinion below and say which one you think will look best on me!

Licks and Wags,

Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Mischief- Bed Mess Style!

Hey pups! Boy, did I get up to some mischief today! Mom came back home as usual but there was something slightly odd, she says. As she closed the front door, there was silence...for a full 5 seconds. Then I appeared at the top of the stairs, looking VERY guilty! You know the drill: tailed tucked underneath, ears flat and those killer puppy dog eyes. Mom knew something was up. She was nice and didn't mention it straight away, it was too late anyway- a 'no' would have been pointless and stressing. Instead, Mom gave me a huge welcome, took off her shoes and coat and THEN went up the stairs to discover this:


Well, I do have to let my hair down, don't I? Sure not the best way to do it but still!

Also, today's jog went well. Mom actually ran for the required amount of time this once around. And I wasn't tugging on the leash every step of the way.


Licks and Wags,

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ten Weeks of Evening Jogs

Hey pups! Mom has a new aim. To get fit. And slim down. That means I'll be getting fitter too and I don't even have any extra fat! So what was Mom thinking dragging me into this? Well, this morning we both read a post on the Erie-sisti-Bulls blog titled: 60 Days of Morning Walks. It talks about how the dogs aren't getting their morning walks and how now they are planning on walking every morning for the next 60 days. Our evening walks have also become slightly TOTALLY non-existent, now they have transformed from walks into jogs. I have a problem with the leash when Mom is running and holding it but Mom thinks it'll pass as I get used to it because towards the end of our jog today I was calming running alongside, so we're not going to treat it as a problem yet-hopefully we won't have to Mom says but training is just a way of getting treats and toys, right? We are following a simple plan we found as a result of a quick Google search. It is a ten week plan building up to running consistently for 20 minutes. Terrifying, am I correct? But Mom insists it is a great way for me to get my evening exercise, and what Mom says goes. After our jog today this is what I look like: How can she do this to me?


Cutie pie!

Leave me alone!

Mom: What is she doing?
Licks and Wags,

PS. This is the plan we are doing: How to get fit: Running for Beginners

Black and White Sunday

Saturday, 20 April 2013

FitDog Friday

Hey pups! I really enjoyed posting about my activities last week, I hope you enjoy this week's post.

Today, we here in England- at least where I live- had great weather. Well, as good as it'll ever get at this time of the year. It was 12°C and sunny all day- not a cloud to be seen (well...almost, just one or two on the horizon.) The original plan was for Mom and me to go on a hike that we have been on before early in the morning. However, Big Guy had a new idea: that we all -with the exception of Mamma- take the car into a town/village about 19-21 miles away and go for a walk around there. There were some beautiful ruins, a river, other dogs and people. 
The ruins


I am FAST! Really FAST!

Look what the wind did to my ear, Mom!

Waiting around for the gang! Jeesh, you humans pay an awful lot of attention to navigating! Just use you nose!


You are soooo behind!

Under the fence!

Running is tiring!

Eeeew! What is this Mom?


That is a very interesting shoe you got there!

Best pic of the day!

A new breed of dog perhaps?
At the beginning of the walk there was a beautiful russety Labrador who leapt into the river after a stick- has he gone biscuits?

That wraps up my FitDog Friday! Enjoy yours with

Licks and Wags,

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Four Sleeping Positions of Dog

Hey pups! Mom was reading an interesting book (Dog Lover's Daily Companion) that she got out of the library. It is brilliant- full to bursting of tips, facts and other snippets of information. The one that particulary intrigued me was the page titled 'What Kind of Sleeper Is Your Dog?' Now, of course, I'm asking you, fellow pups, that very question!

Belly and Side Sleeper

"Most of the time a dog is sleeping on his side or belly with all four paws laid out, he is dozing. Less often, he may fall into a deep sleep from this position."

Back Sleeper

"To many dog owners, this is the funniest of all positions: four paws in the air. A dog gets dream sleep and is the most relaxed in this position, because his stomach is exposed to the air, so he is able to keep cool, and none of his muscles are tense,so he is able to relax completely. In this position- and the side positions to a lesser extent- is where you will witness a lot of the funny dream states happening, including kicking, wagging tails, nose ad whiskers twitching, muffled barks and cries, mouths moving like they are eating, feet running, snoring, an, sometimes, flat-out bliss."

This is my favourite but Mom doesn't have any pics! but they will be up soon!

Curled-Up-In-A-Ball Sleeper

"This is a common resting or napping position. Dogs wake up very quickly from this position."

Lying Back-toBack

"When a dog sleeps back-to-back next to another dog, they are bonding: They feel safe protecting each other. When they lie on their backs next to you, they are taking time to bond with you."

I don't do this one. 

What sleeper are you?

Licks and Wags,