Friday, 31 May 2013

FitDog Friday

Hey pups! It has been ages since I last participated in this blog hop and boy have I missed it! Today's Fit Dog Friday comes in two parts...

PART 1-Physical

Today Mom and Mamma stopped off at Tesco to buy some stuff and guess what they came back with?!?!

Mom got this picture of Google and did not take it herself, plus ours is brown!

That's right: a ball thrower because Mom can't throw to make me tire out faster when the ball is thrown. We went off to test it right away at our local golf course in the dog friendly bit. I wasn't really interested in the ball that came with the thrower but when Mom used one of my own tennis balls...I was in love. However, Mom being the klutz that she is lost it in the long grass (Mom: In my defence the grass was really tall- taller that Dina!). Sorry that we don't have photos but Mom was going to try some of the attention exercises on my Training Aims post and her camera bangs around when she runs and it hurts her hip but we will have photos, maybe a video, of it in use soon!

Part 2-Mental

Me being a clever little tot not only need physical exercise to be happy but also mental. Mom and I have been working on our hold in this past week and we have upped to this:

We are not done yet with this trick and we are still working on it! Here are some links we found helpful when teaching this trick and exercise:


Mom made a discovery today that has opened a new chapter in mine and water's relationship- check back tomorrow for more details on that matter!

Licks and Wags,

PS. Sorry we are late posting today but Mom and Mamma had to go the the human vet's! :( But all is well now!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Fun Dog Show

Hey pups! We had a lot of fun that we didn't tell you about on the 19th May. Big Guy, Mom and I went of on a little trip to my Very First Dog Show! It was a fun day out, organized by the RSPCA in the area that we live in. There were plenty of novelty classes such as:

  • Tiptop Teen or Tot trainer under 16's and dogs 6 months and older
  • Senior's moment 8 years and over 
  • Loveable Lad 6 months and over
  • Best Rescue Dog 6 months and over
  • Super Staffies 6 months and over
  • Top Dog of the Day Winners from each class
  • Perfect Puppy under 6 months, fully vaccinated
  • Shining Example 7 years and under
  • Fabulous Female 6 months and over
  • Best RSPCA Rescue Dog 6 months and over
  • Best Bunch 2 or more dogs in a single home
Mom and I entered in the Fabulous Female class, stupidly surprisingly we didn't win (Mom: Dina was in a mood for the whole day after). Mom said it was no big deal-can you believe her? All the big stars have to start somewhere!!! Before, the class we had a go at an agility try out section. It was brilliant at the jumps, the willingly followed the hotdog through the slalom, refused to go through the tunnel until I saw Mom at the end, then I dashed through, I did good on the table but I didn't stay for long, the A-Frame was ok as were the last two jumps. I didn't skip anything so I got a 'Clear Round' ribbon.

The following photos were not taken by Mom and do not belong to her!

These photos were taken by the centre that the show was at and belong to them. I found them on Facebook.

Lola- the overall winner of the day!

Tink-winner of Perfect Puppy

Milly- Winner of Tot Trainer

Hughie- Winner of Senior's Moment

Lola- Winner of Shining Example

Minx- Winner of Fab Female (group 1)

Cola- Winner of Loveable Lad (group 1)

Madison- Winner of Fab Female (group 2- we were standing right next to her!) 

Harvey -Winner of loveable Lad (group 2)

Charlie- Winner of Best Rescue Dog

Guinness- Winner of Best RSPCA Rescue Dog

Charlie and Angle- Winners of Best Bunch

Molly- Winner of Super Staffies

Me!!! Crashing the photo

An intended photo of me- taken by Bobo the Bull Breed (on Facebook)

All in all, it was a great day!

Licks and Wags,

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Rainbow Bridge

Hey pups, some of you may not know but we have lost a great member of the Blogville community: Weenie from Just Us Dachsies. He was stung 60 times by bees on Sunday and went into shock. He has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is now fit and healthy again. Mom and I are thinking of you Weenie. Rest In Peace...

Head over to Weenie's blog and leave some warm and comforting words for his Mom


Grade A Grrrrrooming

Hey pups! Contrasting to yesterday, today we have had one of the worst days of the year. It was raining non-stop throughout the whole day and Mom and I had to sneak out for a brisk walk to the pet store for some food for me (I eat Arden Grange Puppy/Junior). Unfortunately, we were caught in a hige down poar on the way there and back. That makes for one sad little Dina pup :( I hate the rain- in fact it is on my list of things I hate the most. A rainy walk, as usual, meant a rubbing down with the towel monster, which is usually followed by the far more pleasant brushing and, recently, a spray with Maqnifiscent.

Don't look at me!

I don't look like a wet rat, do I?

15 minutes later!

Can anyone guess what was on that towel?

Back to my beautiful (and vain) little self

My big girl brush

My puppy brush

and The Magical Spray that got rid of the yucky wet dog smell

Dina fluff!
Mom says we're gonna try going for another walk now!

Licks and Wags,

Finding Flowers

Hey pups! On Monday, Mom and I headed off to a local common to find our local body of water and flowers for the Park Day 2.0 Bingo! We had a marvellous time and achieved both our goals.

Flowers No. 1- Daisies

Flowers No. 2- Bones Knows What Kind!

We came across this war memorial

This is the oak

The different plants

Flowers No. 3- Bluebells

Mom please let me go! But no as mean old Mom said that dogs weren't allowed of leash in this field.

Our final destination- the waterfall

There's me!!!

And there's me again!

Pointer pose

Do you think this is my better side?

Yep, it is, isn't it?


The life


Licks and Wags,

Monday, 27 May 2013


Hey pups! Here in Surrey we had marvellous weather today and in honour of that and so that it wouldn't get wasted (as many of you know good weather is somewhat rare over here) we went sunbathing in the garden!


My pearly whites!

This is the life!

Drinkin' in the sun

And drinkin' in some more

See that blue sky? Pawsome isn't it?

Dina butt

You can see our first review here. Hope you had a great extended weekend over there in the US!

Licks and Wags,