Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Dina Mom's Resolutions

Hey guys! A little info: Training Tuesday will be Training Thursday due to a blog hop I am planning on joining. More on that on Thursday!

So as it is not Training Tuesday I thought I would share some of my own human resolutions:

  • Get my weight down by around 8kg. I know it is cliche but also true.
  • Try and improve my temper. I have a really short fuse.
  • Improve the bond between me and Dina. Big Guy and I are close but he is slightly ahead.
  • Be more sociable. I'm a loner :D
  • Improve my organisation skills
  • Stop being so lazy and blog more regularly
  • Eat healthier. More fruit and veg and less junk food
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle; more sleep, less PC, more outside time...
I'm positive about these and hope to achieve them all...or at least some!

 Resolve to Move your Mutt

Dina Mom

Monday, 30 December 2013

I Solemnly Resolve to Move My Mutt

Today's post won't seem to come up in the feed so here ya pups go: New Years Resolutions Enjoy the read!

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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Black and White Sunday

The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's dog's ears ~ Arabian proverb paraphrased

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I Solemnly Resolve To Move My Mutt

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Hey pups! I am joining SlimDoggy's blog hop to write about my new years resolutions.

Today, as it is also  Monday Mischief blog hop I'd like to resolve:

  • To not chew any more slippers.
  • To not sneak out when the hoomoms don't realise the gate isn't shut properly.
  • To do as I am told.
  • To not beg at the table and try to melt people with my eyes.
  • To wait patiently and not be an attention seeker. (Mom made me write that one)

For mischief I think that is it -I really am a good dog!- but stayed tuned for more resolution throughout the week!

Licks and Wags,

Snoopy's Dog Blog

Saturday, 28 December 2013


Hope you like the new header and blog style- I'm still tweaking it so it might change a bit!

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Friday, 27 December 2013

Couch 'n' Pouch to 5k

Hey pups! This FitDog Friday we want to introduce to ourselves and to you guys a new thing Mom and I are doing. It's called the Couch to 5k programme started by the National Health Service (NHS) here in England and is a running scheme designed for unfit peeps, like Mom, to get them off their butts and running. The plan is to achieve 5k in 9 weeks. We think we can handle it- do you? If you are interested in checking it out there is a link to the website here. To help along with the running the NHS have created a series of podcasts to listen to as you run,  timing the various bursts of running and walking a d telling you when to start and stop.

Another element to this running thing we are doing is that we are thinking about taking up CaniX and the official body of CaniX in the UK is running a programme that is based on the Couch to 5k of the NHS but the name they have coined is Pouch to 5k. ( DM:If anyone u destined the pun or joke here please explain because what the he'll does a pouch have to do with a dog or couch?) It is literally the same but you run with your dog. The CaniX organisation runs a league table and everything for it but we're not going to do it that proper. Also, it is blooming expensive £50/$82 for a measly entry into a table and a couple of discounts we wouldn't take advantage of anyway.

Our first run:

Well, what can I say. We ran. It was OK and I like some aspects of it such as that we got to the destination quicker or that I didn't have to pull. However, it did deprive me of my sniffing time as Mom was too busy rushing ahead. First dog problems! *sigh* (DM: I found a fairly tolerable pace and the 60 seconds of running just as I was starting to feel as if I can't go on- yes I really am that unfit that 60 secs of jogging makes me want to die-and I was ready next time around. The podcasts were great at telling you when to stop and the music wasn't too bad either.) Once we got to the golf course - our destination- Mom did one lap to finish the run while I sniffed off leash to my hearts content. Thanks Mom! I displayed some wonderful recalls over large distances away from other dogs. As a reward I got a throw of my rubber toy thingy (DM: It's actually a treat dispenser but Buddy is too smart for it so it works as a chuck it as well- one of the best three quid I ever spent! ). After Mom was done running we played loads of fetch and did some sit-stays and tricks namely the roll over you can see below. (DM: I didn't expect her to do it but she did and was wonderful, we are so ready to proof the roll over!) All in all it was great and I loved it!

That's what is going on right now- hope you had a great Christmas and remember to keep fit!

Links and Wags,

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Our Boxing Day

Hey pups! We like to do Christmas the Polish way and don't even know what Boxing Day really is (would love it if someone could tell us!). Instead we went to church today (St. Stephen's- the first martyr) and after Mom and I went for a long walk. We didn't get to our destination as we ran out of time but it was still plenty of fun.

This is turning into this blog's signature photo pose!

Coming, Mom!

(DM: How is this comfortable? Her butt was higher than her head!)

I don't wanna sit stay on the log!

What do you mean the camera isn't focusing on ME?

Licks and Wags,

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Break From Blogging and Merry Christmas

Hey guys! As you might (or might not) have noticed we've been away from blogging for a while due to a multitude of reasons. Been busy, stressed out, not doing much that was worth telling you guy about. However, first and foremost I've been to lazy to help Dina with the typing up (no thumb issue). It is my biggest flaw and I plan to combat it from now on.

On a slightly more positive note: Merry Christmas, may you enjoy a safe, joyous and blessed time surrounded by loved ones.

From today's Christmas walk-no snow, just floods :(

Wags, Licks and Hugs,
Dina, Mom and Family

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I know this is my dog's blog but The Fast and The Furious are one of my favourite movies ever, so I have to say this: RIP Paul and Roger! :'(

And to make it dog related I'll post a photo of him from the movie 'Eight Below'

Roger Rodas

Hugs, Licks and Wags,
Dina Mom and Dina

Training Tuesday: Shooting for the Stars

Hey guys! I don't know what view you have of me as a dog owner but I would like to say how I portray myself (settle in for a long one today ;). However much it pains me to say this but I do have my low moments when I get mad at Dina. I do feel like shouting and shoving her to do what I want. I do feel like bursting into tears because it's not going the way I want it to. I do feel like shutting her in a room and leaving her there as a punishment. But I've never done any of this and every time I feel like this I give my lil' Buddy a hug, a stroke and a cookie and we move on. Sure it happens again but that's what I love about dogs: their ability to forgive. I strive and try my very hardest to be a progressive reinforcement trainer and a role model for other owners. Recently, after looking over my posts, I realised I wasn't painting the most accurate portrait as I could of myself; so I wanted to straighten that out, and I have. I'm glad I have Blogville to listen to me and (hopefully :D) support me- thanks!

With this confession and advent beginning and a new year in the Catholic church (yes, I am Catholic...) I would like to make some goals and aims, not only for training although this is a Training Tuesday. To mix it up and not new cliché I'll do it now instead of the New Year. #beingdifferent :D

  1. Work on grooming, nail clipping, teeth brushing, bathing to make Dina tolerable of all activities and let her enjoy them instead of stress out over them.
  2. Work on car travelling to make this a more calm and controlled event that is not stressful.
  3. Try and reduce excessive barking at neighbour dogs, doorbell, postman and other triggers (Kikopup recently uploaded a fantastic video on this issue)
  4. Achieve loose leash walking and heeling in all situations.
  5. Achieve a perfect recall from everything and anything.
  6. Achieve a perfect sit-stay and down-stay.
  7. Carry on working on tricks. By this time next year I want us to have achieve a Novice Trick Dog title (NTD) with Do More With Your Dog! and be well on our way to getting Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD).
  8. Improve general handling to allow vet visits to take place smoothly and calmly.
  9. Improve focus on walks and generally as we are out and about.
  10. Combat all negative behaviours Dina shows around other dogs, fear or otherwise.
  11. Achieve great behaviour around people in the street (at the moment she want to sniff everyone).
  12. Continue expanding our audience here at DTD and continue making friends with the other pet bloggers.
  13. Expand my knowledge on dog training and the animal behaviour world.
  14. Keep up great health and fitness in Dina.
  15. Continue hiking/walking and stretch further in our surrounding area, climbing more and more hills and walking more and more miles of new trails.
That is all for now, I think. This list will be going on my Training page and I'll be adding any more if I come up with them on there. I will try to achieve all these goals but let's be realistic: it might not happen for whatever reason. Hope ya'll support me.

Dina Mom

Monday, 2 December 2013