Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Beating Sun

Hey pups! As promised today is another hike post, this time about Sunday's hike. We went to a new hill that Mom had been dying to visit for ages now. It did not disappoint. With the glorious weather (clear skies and 25/77 degrees) and breath-taking views it really was worth the climb. Our starting point was Hurtwood which we visited before but this time we took the opposite direction to last time.

BW Sunday's colour version

A boarding and day school just outside the wood.

Hitting the trail we spotted cow-dogs horses, cows and loads of bugs that I kept trying to eat. 
Loner calf. Just like Mom!

Pretty girl/boy- I didn't look :D

This wasn't a long or particularly steep climb but the descent was pretty harsh on the knees (or so Mom says!).

A fancy, named gate


The road to victory

In the village at the foot of the hill we came upon a church.

All in all it was wonderful!

Licks and Wags,

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