Monday, 19 May 2014

Where to begin?

Hey pups! Beautiful weather was on vacation in Surrey these past few days and you know what that means: hikes! And lots of 'em. I went on three so we might as well split it to three posts. Today is about Friday's walk. The whole hike was a regular that Mom and I walk very often

but the awesome started towards the end when we reached the gold course (let me tell you, a golf course is one of the finest places to walk - so much room and space to run, play and romp.) and as it was evening there were no golfers around. We played fetch among the rolling slopes of the course and got some awesome shots.

Mom's favourite of the day


We frisbee-ed for a solid hour and I was very much pooped at the end of it.

Licks and Wags,

PeeS. On today's hike (Monday) I was running through a field after a pheasant and hurt my leg. It is slightly swollen and we don't know what is wrong yet. Hopefully it will go down in a few days but if not then Mommy says a V-E-T visit is in order. 

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