Friday, 24 May 2013

What makes up a Dina?

Hey guys! This is another Dina Mom post. A while ago I read a post titled 'Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?' It talks about what our furriends are made up of? What are they? What makes them tick -apart from treats obviously! This got me thinking...I've been meaning to post this for ages but never gotten around to it but now is the time. So what makes up the little bundle of Dina? Let's find out!

Cuteness and sleepiness is one!

Plenty of energy!

Intelligence and obedience



and pure Dina-ess!

To summarize, she is absolutely wonderful! What is your paw pal made of?

Dina Mom

PS. You mightn't have noticed that Dina has generously given me a page! You can check it out here. It will receive a new update tomorrow- I just need to take the required photos with some natural light.

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  1. Aw, I love your version of it! Max is filled with spoiledness, love and funniness!