Saturday, 11 May 2013

Geocaching: The Return

Hey pups! Many of you are taking part in Park Day 2.0- if you are not head on over! We are too and today we decided to do one of the activities- GEOCACHING! If you have been read Dog the Dina for a while, you will know that Mom and I are no strangers to the matter as we have gone geocaching before. We chose a cache that was quite close to us, from a 'Church Micro' series. It rained a bit on the way over-well I say a bit, see for yourselves what a wet rat I look like:

I hate the rain!

But like a true terrier I bravely soldiered on until we came up to the church. Although it said quite plainly and obviously on the cache website that it was not in the church yard, Mom being human and all had to go and look at all the trees in the churchyard (there was a clue that said : Base of tree). After looking around like fifty thousand trees- I helped too my trying to sniff the little bugger out- Mom approached the right one and had a hunt around.

It was obvious once Mom found the right tree!

I couldn't care less and Mom had to put me into a sit  stay to get this quarter decent photo! I hate waiting.

Come on Mom! I wanna go sniff already!


Mom soon found out what was so interesting -poop- and kept me away! Boo Hoo! :(

It was a small camera film canister!

The baggie for the logbook.

After 5 minutes of waiting and whining we went!

Can we go already?

Have fun doing Park Day 2.0!

Licks and Wags,


  1. That is so interesting. I had to look up what geocaching is on the internet. I want to do park day bingo butt was confused what geocaching was. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  2. Sounds like fun! Was there anything except the log in that canister? I've heard sometimes people put and are to leave something in them too. I still haven't done it yet though.