Friday, 3 May 2013

7 Rules of Owning a Dina

1. Give me plenty of treats. I really don't mind what they are; sausage, store bought, DENASTIX or a home baked treat. My favourites are sausage, cheese and meaty treats. Mom uses store bought treats during training but I think I am slowly winning her over to use human food. However,Mom never feeds me foods that are harmful eg . avocado, chocolate, onion or tomato.

2. Toys- my second love, right after food. I have two bunches of toys. One consists of a cat, a dog -stuffed of course- a piece of cake and a octopus  The second is a toy pig, sausages on a rope, two balls and a rope tug. Mom rotates these around to keep it interesting. She is also thinking of adding a third bunch or expanding the current. My ultimate toys are my cat_ wonder why...- and the piggie. Toys that have been de-stuffed are chucked straight away to avoid a safety hazard.

3. In third place are walks- wait have I missed Mom out...*guilty face* I love my walks and as I am a terrier cross I need lots of 'em. Our rough walking schedule is one 30min-45min walk in the morning, then in the afternoon an 1hr+ walk/hike in the evening Middle Guy sometimes walks me which takes about 30min or Mom does it. Sometimes I get both! Mom and I are a great pair because we both love to walk and hike. This Monday is a Bank Holiday here in England so we are going on a extra long hike 12 -14 miles. We will of course post an update. On Saturday we are going on a practise walk which will be much shorter.

4. Training and lessons- I am quick to outsmart Mom and the family so a lot of hard work is needed. Not that anybody minds- once Mom decides to commit to teaching me something she sticks to it, however long it may take. For the future we are planning on doing agility and working on obedience style exercises.

5.NEVER, EVER b-a-t-h-e -ughhhh- me! I hate, hate, hate it! That water and wetness and shampoo and The Towel! Now that it is getting warmer there is less mud and puddles so they are becoming less frequent but they do still occur! *Shudder*

6. Although I am an active little pup, I love to be cuddled and snuggled- especially when I am tired. Middle Guy is the best but everybody pitches in. When you cuddle me I lick your face and if you don't close you mouth tight enough I do mange to slip a little tongue in there!

7. Sleeping is one of my favourite pastimes and I like to do it all over the place.

But my all time favourite place is a place where any prospective owner of a Dina should let me sleep: The Bed!

Licks and Wags,


  1. Those are good rules to live by! That's a long hike...I know you will have lots of fun. Riley likes to slip her tongue inside your mouth too when she kisses you--if you aren't careful!

    Elyse (and Riley)

    1. I think we might have to cut it a bit shorter because Mom's achey joints are playing up.

  2. I think we would move sleeping up the list. Thats our favorite after eating.