Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Hey pups! I know this is meant to be Wordless Wednesday but I cannot resist telling this story. On Sunday, Mom and I went to the nearby Golf course which has an unused part which many dog owner make use of. We are one of the couples and we went for a walk there on Sunday. As usual Mom took a ball to throw for me so I burn even more of my 'boundless' energy. When we were nearing two women who were talking with   three dogs. Mom threw the ball not knowing that fetch was their favourite game as well. One of the dogs- a Leonberger- beat me to it and STOLE MY BALL! Can you believe it! It was a big dog and I'm a lover not a fighter so I let him keep it- Mom thought I was a pussy! Can you imagine! Anyways, it turns out that the Leonberger does this very frequently, in fact it has a happened so many times that his human always carries a spare ball to give to people if her dog steals their ball. So that is the story of me getting a new ball!

A Leonberger

Licks and Wags,


  1. I so sorry there was a comment on here that I accidentaly deleted because I am on my phone. Could you post again? I am so so sorry!

  2. Haha, can't believe that big dog stole your ball! But, hey, at least you got a new ball! :)

    Elyse and Riley

  3. SlimDoggy Jack says call him if you need someone to have your back next time..

  4. That's so mean of him to steal your ball! I'm glad his mom is nice enough to bring extras. :)

  5. Now THAT is a great dog Mom...she was prepared! Love it!

  6. Too funny! i love that she brings extra balls!

    1. Yeah, Mom was trying to hide a grin!