Thursday, 4 July 2013

Geocaching Adventures: Take One

Hey pups! Recently Ages ago, I posted about going on a Geocaching Adventure and that Mom and I were wondering about making it a weekly post topic. We'll we have come to the decision that we shall be doing a Geocaching post every Thursday- if Mom can get off her buttocks and pick a geocache to find, that is. At the moment, we are going to be working our way through a little series of geochaches hidden in a local common. Today we set off to find the first one- it was a fairly simple find: Rated 2.5 stars for difficulty, 1.5 for terrain and it was a size small. It was box like the one we found on our very first Geocaching adventure. The walk there was a highly enjoyable experience although I was on leash all of the time because a) SEASON and b) near busy roads. The main reason we found it to be easy was because the owner of the cache had left a really helpful and obvious clue: "By now you’ll have looked up and down and all around. I bet you’re STUMPED. Have you checked it properly?" When you have found a geocache, you're supposed to sign with your name and date but as usual Mom forgot a pencil so we will have to go back tomorrow and do that! (Update: Done and you can see the picture below!) After finding it we were going to head straight back home but Mom caved in and said we could walk for a bit but ONLY up to the fence of the common- a win for the puppy-dog eyes. However, when we went up there, she couldn't resist it and on we went. I got to be off-leash!!! Not another dog in sight ANYWHERE! But after one lap of the smaller part Mom put her foot down and off we went.

A sneakily hidden one!

That paw over there? That is as close as I ever get to a cache- I mean yawn!

Our log

But there were plenty of noises in the forest!

Who goes?

It was far lighter in real life!

I should be a beagle-sniff, sniff!

Mom has been walking here for years- even before she got me (disgrace, I know!) and she has never known it to be so purple!

Again-the beagle strikes!

This used to be a full scale stream!

Mom trying to be Arty Farty!


That wraps up our first in a series of geocaching posts- stayed tunes for the next one!

Licks and Wags,


  1. You clearly carried your mom through that caching adventure!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Dandy Doodles

  2. Great adventure Dina. We know you will be looking forward to more. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We never heard Arty Farty before. We r laughing so hard.