Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Training Tuesday: Shooting for the Stars

Hey guys! I don't know what view you have of me as a dog owner but I would like to say how I portray myself (settle in for a long one today ;). However much it pains me to say this but I do have my low moments when I get mad at Dina. I do feel like shouting and shoving her to do what I want. I do feel like bursting into tears because it's not going the way I want it to. I do feel like shutting her in a room and leaving her there as a punishment. But I've never done any of this and every time I feel like this I give my lil' Buddy a hug, a stroke and a cookie and we move on. Sure it happens again but that's what I love about dogs: their ability to forgive. I strive and try my very hardest to be a progressive reinforcement trainer and a role model for other owners. Recently, after looking over my posts, I realised I wasn't painting the most accurate portrait as I could of myself; so I wanted to straighten that out, and I have. I'm glad I have Blogville to listen to me and (hopefully :D) support me- thanks!

With this confession and advent beginning and a new year in the Catholic church (yes, I am Catholic...) I would like to make some goals and aims, not only for training although this is a Training Tuesday. To mix it up and not new cliché I'll do it now instead of the New Year. #beingdifferent :D

  1. Work on grooming, nail clipping, teeth brushing, bathing to make Dina tolerable of all activities and let her enjoy them instead of stress out over them.
  2. Work on car travelling to make this a more calm and controlled event that is not stressful.
  3. Try and reduce excessive barking at neighbour dogs, doorbell, postman and other triggers (Kikopup recently uploaded a fantastic video on this issue)
  4. Achieve loose leash walking and heeling in all situations.
  5. Achieve a perfect recall from everything and anything.
  6. Achieve a perfect sit-stay and down-stay.
  7. Carry on working on tricks. By this time next year I want us to have achieve a Novice Trick Dog title (NTD) with Do More With Your Dog! and be well on our way to getting Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD).
  8. Improve general handling to allow vet visits to take place smoothly and calmly.
  9. Improve focus on walks and generally as we are out and about.
  10. Combat all negative behaviours Dina shows around other dogs, fear or otherwise.
  11. Achieve great behaviour around people in the street (at the moment she want to sniff everyone).
  12. Continue expanding our audience here at DTD and continue making friends with the other pet bloggers.
  13. Expand my knowledge on dog training and the animal behaviour world.
  14. Keep up great health and fitness in Dina.
  15. Continue hiking/walking and stretch further in our surrounding area, climbing more and more hills and walking more and more miles of new trails.
That is all for now, I think. This list will be going on my Training page and I'll be adding any more if I come up with them on there. I will try to achieve all these goals but let's be realistic: it might not happen for whatever reason. Hope ya'll support me.

Dina Mom

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