Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Cat vs Dog

Hey pups! Some time ago Mom went to the public library and as she settled into her work station she found this piece of paper:

What utter rubbish!

So I thought I would do an argument/debate post- doggie style, which of course means that it will not be biased at all

For Cats

-They love snuggling (I do too but I guess cats like it more)- although like dogs some breeds of cat like it less or more.
-No walking needed! But they do need mental stimulation and if they are kept indoors places to climb and sunny patches to sleep in.
-Cheaper- at our vet's and pet stores everything for cats is cheaper. Including spaying/neutering, micro-chipping and regular check-ups.
-They can, for the most part, get on with their own thing while Cat Moms get on with their own.
-They don't drool- hey it's not our fault, that is the way humans bred us!
-They clean themselves. .....I don't have much in defence of dogs!
-No chewing-but they do scratch things unless they have a scratch post so it is the same!

For Dogs

-A large variety of breeds to suit everyone out there!Unless they don't like dogs, in which case: boo you!
-We can survive as veterinarians!
-We are FAR cuter!

Wook at dose wittle waces!

And then at this well known ugly mug!


-We love to play and are active!
-Dogs are trainable. Unlike cats, who just do whatever takes their fancy!
-The humoms can meet other dog people through us eg. in classes or socia-walks!
-I am a dog, which is an obvious pro!
-Loads of accessories, collars, harnesses, clothes, toys and treats to choose from!
-We have been with the humoms for 5,000 years longer- I think it was that long.
-Dogs have far more useful and helpful jobs to assist humoms eg. guide dogs, search and rescue, drug dogs, police dogs.
-Dogs are a man's best friend!

Against Cats

-They don't like to play with me!
- They wave/wag their tails when they are angry-  what's up with that?

So I think we can safely conclude that we dogs are miles and miles better! However, I acknowledge that some you pups may well live in perfect harmony with moggies in your homes, so if you have any added bonuses or counter arguments to any of the lists please share below!

I leave you this with this unbelievably cute picture of me!

Licks and Wags


  1. The pure fact that dogs can save people's lives - beats cats by far. WOOF.

    Piranha Banana -
    Therapist of Sorts

  2. Up the dogs! Have a wonderful Wednesday Dina.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Both are great wonderful pets to have. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. I LOVE cats but I prefer dogs more.
    Here's a little play I did for you.

    Cat lover: Cats are way better than dogs.
    Dog lover: You got that wrong, dogs are WAY better than cats.
    cat lover: Cats are better because they don't bite ya.
    Dog lover: Not all dogs are like that.
    Cat lover: Yes they are.
    Dog lover: No their not!
    Cat lover: You win, you win!
    Dog Lover: YES!
    Cat lover: I still like cats better!

    I hope you liked my lil' play!