Monday, 3 June 2013

The Flame Thrower

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Hey pups! In Friday's post I said that I would post again about the ball thrower that Mom purchased to help wear the bundle of energy that is me out quicker. Well let's just say that it is working... Also Mom says that it makes throwing much easier- the ball sails without putting much effort in (lazy hooman!).

Are we going or what?

The Flame Thrower

Throw it already!

In Action!

Come on!

Oh yes!

Throw the ball, punk!

Can you make me out? I'm the white speck, relaxing!

Time Out


What are you doing with that ball, Dina?


What do you mean 'No Dogs Allowed'?
Then Mom's camera battery died so she used her phone- sorry for the bad quality, pups!

Quit the snapping and get throwing!

Or not!

Ain't my tongue long?

Oh, I'm blushing! You really think I am prettier than these flowers?

Dina, come!

There was another dog, but he got growly... Mom called me back...

...and put me on leash. :(

Definitely by better side!

This is the life!

To add to the pawsome ball-nicknamed flame- thrower, the whole family, without me, heading to a car boot sale on Sunday. Mom bought some non-doggie books which I will not bore you with, an encyclopedia of dog dog breeds and a new leash for me. I want to focus on the new leash. It cost a pound and was second-hand and obviously well used but it is still fast becoming Mom's favourite leash. It is leather and good qualtiy too, longer than the other short leashes I have, nice colour, broken in and comfortable!

Licks and Wags,


  1. Dina you sure look like you are having fun with mum and the ball launcher. You look very pretty in those flowers. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh Dina, you're FAST! And I love your new leash!

  3. WOW - that looks like fun!! I'm not sure Ed would ever bring the ball back to us though...

    And that LEASH! It's so rich!

  4. Love that leash! Looks like a fun place to play, too!

  5. Ok, Car Boot Sale?? I never heard of that phrase before? Wow, that is a heck a a deal for the leash! Dina was making me smile so much to see her just flying after that flame shooter ball! Oh and of COURSE Dina, the flowers could NEVER hold a candle to your beauty!

  6. Hi Dina, thanks for visiting us:) Aren't you gorgeous. I've got a real soft spot for JRT's having owned 2 quite a few years ago now. Love Papillions too, although I never would have guessed you had any in you! Love the way you bring the ball back to your Mum. Wish Frankie would let me have the ball back when trying to play fetch. He'd rather destroy them!

  7. Looks like fun, Dina! You really must be worn out!