Saturday, 22 June 2013


Hey pups! After Mom's yesterday post, you must all be asleep so I'll wake you up with some fun and exciting news. I visited my sister today! If any of you have checked out my 'Cast' page you will know who she is. Before today this was the only photo we had of her:

Pretty poop, isn't it? That was taken when she was not even four months old and as you can imagine she has changed-as have I. We didn't really have a plan, Mom and I just walked over to Kiara's house and off we went. Let's just say it wasn't all licks and wags from second 1. In fact it was the opposite and we walked as if we were on separate walks. Kiara's Mom told us about a Nature Reserve that she knew about and we didn't- our destination was settled. It was by a main motorway so Mom was hesitant about letting me off leash but after walking through the first field, she saw the fencing was secure- really like two layers of chicken wire, a wooden rail fence, trees, bushes, wide metal fence and then a little while beyond a garden style fence- so she let me off. Mamma has bought me two flying rings (we left one at Kiara's :( today and Mom wanted to try them out so she threw one. That uncovered a new layer within me: possessive. All heck broke loose and I went back on leash and the hoop went away. Although there was some mishaps, I did go belly deep in a lake and took and few steps in to a stream! Mom was overjoyed. Without out further ado, the photos- sorry for the rubbish quality but a) Mom took them with her phone and b) it's really hard to hold me back and take good pictures.

On our way!


We were ok like this

See that heart on her leg?

Sniff, sniff!

The Broadwalk

What is she looking at?

Ducks, sis!

Kiara butt!

Shakey, shake!


Cutie face!




When we were walking back, Mom and I popped in over to Kiara's and despite our walkie mishaps, boy did we have fun in the garden! It was a chasefest!

Thus I must depart but before I go let me give ya'll pups nightmares:

Licks and Wags Growls and Barks,


  1. LOL things may have got off to a shaky start but looks like you and Kiara settled your differences by the end of the visit. Hope you meet up again. Have a serene Sunday and get in some of the big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly