Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Shopping Bag of Wonders

Hey pups! I'l joining Sugar the Golden Retriever in her Tasty Tuesday blog hop to share good news that Mom went for a pet shop shopping trip on Saturday. (DM: I swear shopping for Dina is one of my favourite things to do, I hate clothes shopping, grocery shopping or anything other shopping, apart from book shopping but when I walk into a pet store I could just spend all the money I get in my life there. Or is it just me?) A new line of shops has become apparent to Mom that she has mentioned before Pets Corner. It is like the British version of Chewy.com but not online. They have Orijen, Acana, Canagan, Lily's Kitchen and other almost unheard of by most British dog owners brands. It really makes my heart swell that there are some people out there that want to give us dogs good nutrition (even though they are probably doing it for money). I do wish they had bully sticks and a wider range of treats though eg. Greenies. They have great toys and collars/harnesses/leashes. Anyways this is turning into a bit of a review which it is not meant to be. Back to Mom's shopping trip she visited 3 pet shops (in another town) on one road. How pawsome is that? 3, not one, but THREE pet stores on one street! Mom was nice and bought me something from all three. From the middle store she got me 9 rawhide straps which I don't mind. They're not my faves but I do knaw on them when the peeps leave so they are handy to have around. They were also 10p (17 cents in USA) Mom says each. I have already devoured 3 and almost done with the 4th.

If you are particularly bored you can watch this video of me chewing for a couple of seconds


Next in the Shopping Bag of Wonders were two beefy hide chews. I have already had one and can confirm they are worth 100% of the 99p (1.64$) Mom paid for them.

Along with these chews were two bags of treats, Veni-Dog vension treats and Orijen Brome Lake Duck freeze- dried. All of you probably know Orijen and know what a great company they are but Veni-Dog are new to us so we will share at some later point.

Don't they look sooo smelly and delicious?

What are your pups' favourite treats?

Licks and Wags,


  1. Wow, 3 pet shop visits for one pup! You're a lucky puppy! :) Nailah pretty much loves all treats, though I think soft meaty ones are her favorite.

    1. Mine too! Although I have to add smelly to the list.

  2. Oh we are lickin the screen as we are reading this.
    stella rose

  3. i couldn't get the video to play for me (sometimes my connection just works too slow) but you made out like a bandit! :)

  4. DM you sound like me. I would much rather shop for my dogs than anything else!

  5. Hahha shopping for dogs is always the best part. You can see the reward on our faces!

  6. Pawsome shopping Dina. We went Saturday and we stocked up on Wagg treats. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Hi Dina! Thanks woofs for stoppings by my bloggie and followings me.
    Those treats looks reallys nice and I'm sures you are the best of judges when it comes to FOOD. My Mummy supplies Lilly's Kitchen doggy foods for me and I thinks its one of the best!
    Big wet kisses,

  8. Sounds like a pawtastic shopping trip, Dina!

  9. Your mom is doing the very best kind of shopping. Our pawrents have been shopping too but we do NOT like what they have been buying. No good can come from it!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley