Thursday, 2 January 2014

Training Thursday

Hey guys! This week is being dominated by me but sorry- I'll be gone for good next week. Promise! As you might have notices I am dedicating this week to my and Dina's resolutions. So as it is the training day I'll outline some training resolutions. As the list is long, I'll limit myself to the top 3. Before I get to it I would like to mention a post I did a couple training posts ago: all the goals in that are still all systems go! In no particular order:

  1. Work on loose leash walking.
  2. Try and get rid of most phobias (list of them but there are more!)
  3. Build confidence around other dogs.
I am joining the new Training blog hop hosted my OhMyShihTzu and Boingy Dog. Do join!

Dina Mom

Oh My Shih Tzu

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  1. Just love that header pic every time we pop by. Onwards and upwards and we hope the training goes well. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Excellent goals! Tigger has that same phobia regarding people wanting to pet her during walks, but I've chosen *not* to work on desensitizing her to petting. The only thing I work on is how I handle her when someone wants to pet her - I have taught her to go behind me, and sit down while I mention she is too shy to visit. She has learned to calmly do that (instead of dancing away in a mild panic).

    Why? If it gets worse (it could, even with our best work), it's a liability waiting to happen (bite, nip, etc). We have gotten a lot better when people do approach us, and *way* better passing people on walks (wrote about in my post in the hop about the jogging!), but made so little improvement on the petting is why I stopped trying to desensitize her to it any further.

    Anyway, just what we did on our end, definitely not the answer for all dogs :)

  3. Great resolutions, have a great new year!

  4. Excellent resolutions! Loose leash walking is all important for us since we are out and about so much. When I focus on formal obedience or even trick training, I lose ground on maintaining confidence in the real world- around other dogs, squirrels and statues! It is a constant balancing act.

  5. Great goals! I loved how you listed all the phobias... that gives me the idea to do the same thing with Trixie when she starts her training later on in the year! Good luck and I look forward to seeing how training progresses!

  6. Rooooo sounds like you'll have lots of fun training ahead! We're doing the Train Your Dog in January Challenge *Waggy tail*

  7. Loose leash walking can be hard at times