Friday, 14 June 2013

FitDog Friday: The Puppia

Hey pups! Sorry for not posting yesterday for reasons that will become apparent today.

On Wednesday my me Puppia Soft Harness arrived. Mom and I have been excited ever since we ordered it and Mom even before that because she has heard so much praise for it. And luckily she has only more to add. We ordered a size Large (a first for me!) and in the colour Green which suits me very well- but then again everything goes with white and black!

First try on! Still with the tags in case it was the wrong size.

Oh yeah!

Marvellous fit!

Lovely harness-worth every penny!

Fitting right in the 'stuffs' drawer

Good bye!

Those are the photos from the arrival day...time for the breaking in walk (and the reason why we didn't post yesterday!)

Hurry up with those shoes! Why don't you get paw pads like me?

Helloooo! cam

Chasing the street cats!

One for the rare still moments during walks

Waiting for Mom to catch up.

I'm a puller and the harness stood up really well- so far!



Then trouble arrived!

We were friendly but I was going crazy with playfulness so we moved on...

So we are first in line!

We moved to escape the dog but he came after us!

This is the last photo of the day.
I'll let Mom take over:

After I took the photo, I walked over to Dina to shorten the Flexi leash because she was irritating the old fella and all was fine and dandy. Until my non-brain head came to power and said 'Hey I should take a photo', so trying to balance the camera and a madly pulling and jumping Dina on the end of leash I failed miserably. As I was just putting the lens cap back on, Dina pulled the leash from my grasp and ran. The leash was short do the plastic casing was behind her- she didn't seem to notice but I didn't exactly want her to. So I called her and she started running towards me. 'Pheww' I thought but still decided to make a grab for the leash. (The brighter ones may see where this is going...) So as she scooted past me I made a lunge for the leash- totally not expecting it I caught it and Dina was back to control. However, my hand was not as I caught it by the thin retractable part. I have done this before and everything was fine but every good thing must come to an end- and this was it. I took my hand away and looked at it. There on the ring finger of my left hand was a CUT made by the leash. And a smaller one of my index finger. Originally I was going to continue on the walk -it was meant to be a geocaching walk- and then go home but as I walked a couple of steps i realised this was not an option and turn right around and walked home. When I got home I cleaned it and put a bandage on. With the pain and stiff bandage I couldn't really think, let alone type so I just slept.


The bigger cut after a day of a tight bandage and not moving- it is kinda sealed.

Dina back! Sorry for the rant and I hope you come back and that we didn't scare you away. Apart form the obvious drawback the harness break in walk was great and we can't wait to use it again.

Licks and Wags,


  1. I love my Puppia! I wear a small. We don't use Flexis for that reason.

  2. Oh Dina! We have been looking for the perfect harness for our little dog friend who PULLS like his life depends on it! Do you think it will hold up to a super puller?

    We do hope your mom's fingers get better real soon so she can type more!!


  3. LOVE your Puppia and LOVE the color, but ooooooh, I can feel the pain of your cut from the retractable leash. I really don't like them at all for that reason. A few years ago someone's dog ran around my legs with one and I narrowly escaped being cut off at the knees, literally. I DO hope your finger gets better soon!
    Your pals,
    Diane and Rocco

  4. Ouch, certainly looks painful. Those flexi leads can be dangerous, but I understand your reaction to grab it. Hope it gets better soon. Thanks for joining the Hop even though your walk didn't turn out as expected.

  5. Sorry about your hand. We hope it heals up quickly. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Momz & I both like the look of the Puppia harness and you seem really comfortable in it Dina...and the green is a great color

  7. Yikes! We actually had a similar incident a few weeks ago, if you read it on our blog.

    The green looks fabulous and the harness looks so comfy!!