Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Monolingualism can be cured!

Hey pups! It's my hundredth post today, so Mom and I put our heads together to come up with an original way to celebrate it. After a little while, we thought that we would make the blog available to a wider audience of pups around the world. How? By learning new doggie languages! We all know that in English, dogs go "Woof, woof" or "bow-wow", but what about all the other pups in the world? Not all of them speak English, so I thought I'd explore and share with you how other languages mimick the sounds of dogs.

Polish: (of course the most realistic and important ;D ) "How, how" (properly spelt chau chau)
Albanian: "Ham, Ham"
Arabic: "Hau, hau"
Cantonese: "Wo, wo"
Czech: "Haf, haf"
Danish: "Vov, vov", "Woef, woef" or "waf, waf"
Finnish: "Vuh, vuh"
French: "Ouah, oauh"
German: "Waff, waff" or "Wau, Wau"
Greek: "Ghav, ghav"
Hebrew: "Hav, hav"
Icelandic: "Voff, voff"
Indonesian: "Guk, guk"
Irish: "Amh, amh"
Italian: "Bau, Bau"
Japanese: "Wan, wan"
Mandarin: "Wang, wang"
Korean: "Meon, meon"
Nigerian: "Wai, wai"
Norwegian: "Voff, voff"
Portugese: "Au, au"
Russian: "Gav, gav"
Serbian: "Av, av"
Spanish: "Gau, gau"
Swedish: "Vov, vov"
Thai: "Hoang, hoang"

Well, aren't some of those peculiar! I think Mandarin and Greek are the best- apart from Polish of course. What language do you think I bark in?

What languages can you pups bark in? Or your humans? Thank you for being with me all through these 100 posts!

Extra Licks and Extra Wags,


  1. Some of those are well funny. Happy 100th post to you. We hope you have many more. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Congrats on the 100th post! This one was great!!

  3. Happy 100! Waff Waff, Gau Gau and Vov Vov!

    Wyatt and Stanzie