Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Paws HURT After a Visit to HURTwood

Hey pups! First things first, I want to highlight that I had nothing to do with the disaster of a pun (can you even call it that???) that is this post's title! I wanted to go simple and call it 'My Adventures in Hurtwood' but Mom said that her idea was more original and, I can say this...funny. Can you believer her?

Anyways, we went for a long walk today- started at 11 and we were home at 14:30. Boy was I tired! Mom has had her eye on a little place a bit away from us called Peaslake. She read about it in a book about Surrey in our town library- there were some amazing pictures and she fell in love with it. Hurtwood, Peaslake has been a top choice on Mom's Summer Bucket List but for a number of reasons (GUESTS!!!) we have been unable to go until today. I was stressed out as hell a bit in the car ride to Peaslake but I settled once we found the right path after Mom's pitiful search on the map. From then on it was all pip-squeak- it really was an amazing place and we walked to Shamely Green. There we got two buses home and finally: rest and relaxation.

We're welcomed!

Mom took loads of picture that weren't of me- waste of memory on the card, Mom!

We played fetch!

Which got me tired

See? Pointless photo, again!

Then we played some more fetch

Taking a rest

Map stop!

I think there's something in these ferns, Mom!


Sit stay!

Mom thought this is a pretty cool bench. What about you pups?

Even if the bench was lame, the view was picturesque!

There's that ball again!

Just checking that Mom didn't loose my favourite chicken liver treats!

Mom though this dog was beautiful. Can you believe her? What breed even is this?
I ran around so much that now my paws hurt and Mom has to give me a foot massage! Where have you been lately?

Licks and Wags,

Disclaimer: In actual fact there is nothing wrong with my paws! :)


  1. That looks like a really fun hike, and a really nice day for it.

    1. It sure was- not too cold and not too hot!

  2. We agree looks like a fun day and glad your paw is OK Dina. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly