Friday, 6 September 2013

FitDog Friday + Geocaching = Very Fun Day

Hey pups! That's right! Today I'm rolling two into one and talking about yesterday's geocaching adventure. I will say straight away: it was the funnest geocaching expedition yet! Mom has got the app (c:geo), so it was far easier. Well, once Mom got the app working cos before that....let's just say she was ready to throw her phone against a wall.
The app was cool once it started working.
We walked to our nearby common (there is a mini series of caches that we are finding) and had a walk before turning to the app to help us find the cache. We realise now that we were were searching from the wrong side before, so this time we went from the woody side instead of from the field side of the fence. And what do you know? We found it! Well, Mom found it, I was just sniffing around and exploring. I'm not much of a caching dog. Mom spent quite a bit of time looking around but the app's maps and compass really helped even if they did not pin-point the position of the cache. Mom says that she would have given up earlier if I had to have been on leash as I hate waiting and whine if we stop for a long time. It was a shame that there was only the equipment to find the original cache and not the actual thing but there was a log book there to sign too!

See the cache by my neck, that is the closest I got to it. 

Time for some photos from the actual walking.

Nearby town from a hill

Mom used to love playing here as a little kid

I got a bad case of zoomies

Getting a bit tired!

Don't try to be arty farty.

I told you to stop!

Serious face

Happy face

I'm-a-terrier-and-I-just-saw-a-small-animal face

We found some fallen logs/trees

I was first in to explore them

Atop the log

We have been getting pretty sunsets lately

What did you do for this FitDog Friday?

Licks and Wags,

Pee S. It's my birthday tomorrow!


  1. Aw, your mom caught some good pics!! And tomorrow is your Birfday??? Wow, Happy Birfday! We hope you get lots of treats!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. She has been improving her photography skills- at least tried to.

  2. That was an excellent adventure Dina. Well done to mum for finding the cache. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Adventure is the best way to describe it.

  3. I'm directionally challenged so I don't think geocaching is in our future but it sounds like you had fun.

    1. That shouldn't stop you! Give it a go, it really is fun!

  4. So cool! I'm now even more curious about this geocaching experience that all the cool kids seem to be doing nowadays!