Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hiking With My Mom (aka disaster)!

(Disclaimer: These disaster are doggie disasters not human ones, so human readers might not understand my pain!)

Hey pups! The title is pretty self explanatory- we went on a hike. And yes it is also geocaching day so that was the primary aim of the hike. However, Mom thought that just walking to the location of the cache and back was boring and too short for a high-energy terrier like me, so she threw in a couple hours walking through a nature reserve (the same one as we have been before). We got there and it was plenty fun, the weather was nice, I was happy and Mom was happy- everything was fine!

My ears have gone wild!

Everyone was happy!

There was an original dog waste bin


I'm here

Boring, non-doggie photo

Mom says this would have been a fantastic photo if not for my lower jaw moving.


I don't know what happened to my face there...
And then Ba-Bam! It all started to go downhill. I saw some water and I went in- nothing wrong with that. Mom thought 'Oh cool! We'll play some water retrieve!' So we did...for like two retrieves then I decided it was not happening and left the disc stranded... in the water... where Mom couldn't reach it of the shore (it was a lake). Not to sound mean, but it didn't bother me much: I knew Mom would get it out and I didn't care how, so I went to sniff some bushes. But I never expected what happened next. Mom actual took her shoes off and went into the lake after my disc. I was embarrassed for my Mom but then other doggie pawrents came...I was mortified. I tried telling her to stop my jumping on her and licking her face but Mom didn't appreciate it and pushed me away saying I would make her fall in. Can you believe her cheek?!?


Just as I thought it couldn't get any worse, it did! Mom wanted to make it up to me for embarrassing me for she started throwing me my disc, on land this time I will hastily add. Did the absence of water stop Mom from ruining my life? Of course not! She goes and throw it into the biggest, thorniest and thickest thicket ever! When my toys end up in thickets the humans always get them out but this time Mom said that even she couldn't get it out. WHAT?!?! She said we had to move on with the walk and leave my beloved disc out there. Alone. In the cold. However, she reassured me that she had a plan (come back tomorrow to see what the plan is). After a couple of rescue attempts myself, I gave up and decided to trust Mom and move on with the walk.

Can you see it?

My poor baby!

But I managed to move on

My intense gaze...

I cute on camera and off

Another sum set...

I want to see the map too!

And where is the dog, may I ask?
We finally got to the location of the geocache, sadly we didn't find this one either so we will mount up another, more detailed, search in the near future. It was a lovely nearby park that I have never been to in my one year life with the family. I can assure you I loved it so we will be going for often.

See all that room to run?

Living, breathing perfection!

Come back tomorrow for FitDog Friday and The Mom's Great Plan...

Licks and Wags,


  1. Now how is your mom gonna get that? Is she gonna embarrass you again?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Oh a great plan....... we so want to read about that. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly