Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mom's New Favourite Shop on Earth

Hey pups! On Friday Mom discovered a new pet store in our town and went to check it out. It was so awesome that she went there again on Saturday (day of Peaslake hike) and bought me some new stuff. Before I show you what the stuffs are, I'll tell you why the store is so awesome. They stock very good quality dog foods that no other shop in the area has such as Orijen, Lily's Kitchen, Acana and other really good brands. They have a huge selection of toys and treats- also good brands. However, they are very expensive a tube of Thrive treats in a shop 10 minutes walk away costs £1.85 and there it cost £3.79. So the stuff the nearer one sells we'll buy there and the rest over in town. Now, the part you've all been waiting for...what did we buy!

Our Loot

First up is the Arden Grange Liver Paste. Now, I've only had a couple of drops but I can already tell this is going to me a high value treat. I love this thing! It's smelly, it's got good ingredients, it's yummy- what elese can you want?
Arden Grange Liver Paste

What it looks like

Second is natures:menu. These are mini sausages made of chicken and pork. They smell too but aren't was good as the paste.

I didn't get a front up but these are Hi Life dog treats chicken and ham flavour- I was least enthusiastic about these but they are still good.

The last treat is Perrito Chicken and Duck Chips. Mom didn't take a front photo of this one so:

I do not own this photo!
I don't like that is has to be kept in a fridge but still!

They were yummy!

After the trip to the shop Mom made a quick appearance in TK Maxx's pet section to buy me a toy she has had an eye on and of course she was tempted to get an extra one. These are going to be my reward-during-training toys, so they're special!

Mr. Rainbow Man

Or Mr. Monkey Man? Which is better?

And a regular tug toy but the colours are cool right?

Did you get any new nosh or new toys? I hope so cos they are plenty fun!

Licks and Wags,


  1. New treats and toys...exciting! Sounds like a successful shopping trip. :)

    1. I love trying them all out for the first time.

  2. Lucky you Dina and we will go for Monkey Man. Enjoy all your goodies. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. You did good, great stuffs! We always favor monkeys but only saw 2 rainbows?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Taryn and Cardis, Wilson and Jimmy

  5. I like your "Monkeybow Man"! He's very brightly colored and looks like he'll be really fun to rip to pieces! ;)

    I cannot believe your human put that paste ON HER FINGER!!! I am so squeamish I cannot even buy Blueberry peanut butter or poultry flavored toothpaste - it always has to be vanilla and I NEVER let it touch my skin. I will have to see if they have something like that here though because I am sure Blueberry would love it.

    1. Mom is more daddyish than mommyish to be honest. You should totally check out if it is in any nearby stores because I am telling you Blueberry will love you a hundred times more than she already does for getting this paste.

  6. Hi Y'all!

    Looks like you hit a home run Dina!

    The toy looks like a rainbow but monkey man has a better ring to it.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. Wow Dina! You scored BIG TIME. Enjoy your loot!


  8. Dina you spoiled pup! I don't get any stuffies because I like to rip them open in under 5 minutes then try to eat they stuffie part! Mom said this is bad for me and she would have to auction all our furniture stuffs off so she would be able to have the dogtur take my insides out!


    1. I don't get stuffies to play with on my own. These are SPECIAL reward toys.

  9. What a cute pup you are! All those new treats and toys look great. I'm sure my Rita would love that liver paste! Enjoy!

    1. I think all us doggies love that paste

  10. That liver paste looks interesting. I haven't seen it before. Enjoy all your treats and toys, Dina.

  11. OMD Jackpot, look at all that wonderful stuff. We have pets at home over the road but they don't have all those yummy treats :) xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    1. Over the road?!?!?! Lucky! They might not have this awesome selection but at least it's something.