Tuesday, 29 April 2014

American Idol

Hey guys! Honestly, I have no idea what the heck that show is and I don't care but it sorta fits today so let's roll with it! After some last minute and extremely short post over the past couple of days I want to sit down and write something longer: two  inspirational YouTube trainers.

1. Emily Larlham (aka kikopup)
Not my image! Ownership: Dogmantincs
She currently lives in San Diego with 6 dogs three of her own (from the right: Tug, Splash and Kiko) and three that belong to her partner (from the left: Lacey and Trisch. Not in the photo is her 10 or 11 week old Border Collie puppy, Lumos). Emily enjoys working with shy and reactive dogs and also teaching complex behaviours and 'multi-dog' behaviours. I heard of her online on a dog forum and haven't look back. She is my go to and I used her videos to teach Dina recall, drop it, sit, down and stay.

2. Pamela Johnson 

Pam's Dog Academy
Not my image!
Pamela also live in California with three dogs, Isabelle, Bandit and Twix (pictured). She has loads of videos on a variety of topics and behaviours that have detail and good explanations.

Do you watch these guys' videos?

Dina Mom


  1. What a great idea for the Y post! I am going to have to check these ladies out!