Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I'm An Agile Pup

Hey pups! Day One of the A to Z Challenge and I am already posting late...great. So today Mom took had a day off because she needed to sort some paperwork stuff out and in the afternoon took me about for a good long trek. This was a perfect opportunity to show off my agility and tell you pups about it!

If you want to fly like me you have to be AGILE

If you want to have a sexy body you have to be AGILE!

If you want to jump you have to be AGILE!

If you want to fetch you have to be AGILE!

If you want to be a wild pheasant hunter you have to be AGILE!

If you want to trek you have to be AGILE!

If you want to climb hills and see views like this you have to be AGILE!

If you want to learn adorable trick your brain has to be AGILE!
So how do I stay agile?

Good Food: 

I am on Applaws Adult food and I love it. It has a good level of protein and is tasty. Also comes in two flavours: chicken and lamb. Yum!


I adore my walks and get loads out of them with all my sniffing and running around. Not to mention playing chase and fetch!

Mind Agility:

I keep my mind fit by training using only POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT and treats. The results are great and my tricks and behaviours are wonderful!

Licks and Wags,


  1. Nice photos. My son is desperate for a dog.

    1. Thank you. I was too until a year ago I got one. How old is he if I can ask?

  2. Wonderful agile photos! Your views are so lovely. Are you planning an 'F' post that will be for the Positive Pet Training hop on Monday?

    1. Honestly? I haven't thought that far ahead though I probably should. Any idea I get I don't even write down. But now that you have brought it to my attention I probably will. I shall also be looking forward to reading all the other people's posts.

  3. I love your photos! You really do have stunning views to look at, I love the rolling hills and trees! Great start to the challenge. :)

    1. Thanks. And your views on A day were pretty good too!