Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Gumboot Rant

Hey guys! Yeah, yeah- get your own blog Dina Mom. Just one more..please? Thanks! Topic for today: gumboots. Yes. Odd, isn't it? Well I want to have a rant. About my gumboots which I recently got. They are really nice and snug and waterproof with an adorable paw print pattern. It's all cool. Until you get to the traction.

What is this? I acknowledge that it is a shoe, I don't mind putting it on my foot every once in a while but craft: do not call this traction. That is not the shape, size and style of traction. Seriously though, I was on a trek with Dina and I literally could walk properly for all the skidding I was doing. These boots don't even have a heel! I was slipping and sliding my way along the track, cursing whoever designed these wretched things, and trying to calm down. (I failed. Miserably). My heart rate was higher from my anger than the actual walking- which, to make matter worse, was uphill. I know what you are all thinking: "Jeesh! Someone has a temper." And that is probably true. But that is no excuse for companies to make trash like this. Next hike I am wearing my old boots. Rant over!

Dina Mom

PS. The header is from today's hike.


  1. Thought I would pop back and see how your G day is going - great post. So nice to follow and connect with an a to z challenger, and I look forward to more posts. http://aimingforapublishingdeal.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Wow, I'm in England myself and I'll surely come back and sift through your blog for fun trek and trail ideas! :) Dina is adorable! Dropping by from sujataravi6.2wordpress.com for the A-Z challenge :)

    1. Great to see a fellow Bri-dweller! You are welcome back- I looking forward to seeing you around. I'll pop in to yours too!

  3. I am unfamiliar with the gumboots, but just looking at your picture I am with you. They don't look like they are a good boot for hiking. Thanks for sharing.