Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hooray, finally a Hike!

Hey pups! That's right- I'm back baby! And bringing with me today's H post: Hike. This is what this blog is all about so let's cut to it:

We took the bus to a village about 40 minutes away from our home, where we haven't been before so the map was the key element of the trek (apart from moi of course!). I didn't have a chance to pee or poop beforehand so I was a bit moany on the bus but we got through it. I also weed and pooped straight away confirming Mom's suspicions that, it was the toileting that had me upset, not something else. We had to walk along a road for a while which neither Mom or I like- then again there is no such thing as a free lunch! (Or so they say!) Soon we fell into our stride, got on the right footpath and got walking.

These were the signs we were following. The tower you can see is the highest point in Surrey and the major point of the trail. Also, when we went past the signs Mom always thought that the tower was just wear of the sign until she took this photo.
At the beginning, there were some cockerels (DM: Cocks! LOL)  and I;ve never heard this before so I was frightendly-curious. We encountered this view

What would a hike be without some sort of adventure but as usual Mom found her way back and we stopped for a pit-stop on the way among some conkers.

For a long time nothing much happened; we enjoyed the trek and soaked in the views around. We went through a couple of fields where I did a spot of hunting. (DM: You know how dogs like to 'hunt' flies? Well I found out I have a monster dog who tries to eat butterflies! Butterflies!!! As if their lives aren't short enough already! She almost got one as well.) 

Get the camera off the plant and back on me!

That's more like it!

We crossed under a major motorway, which was fun, I chased some rabbits (double fun!) and got to roll in manure! There was a field full of the stuff. The best news? I didn't get a bath. (DM: Yet!) After we got to the intended goal there was a mishap with buses and we winded up walking for about 2 hours by road (ugh! x99999999999999!!!) to where buses might go. We got a bus into a town where we were supposed to get another bus into our home-town but turns out none were going (warning: timetables lie!) so we got a life from a member of the family by car. All in all it was grrrreat (apart from the road bit) and I can't wait to get back in that area.

I leave you with this wonderful photo!
I look forward to reading your H posts!

Licks and Wags,