Sunday, 7 April 2013

Saturday Hike!

Hey! On Saturday, Mom and I went for a extra long hike up a semi-local hill (I say semi-local, it took us an hour and 15 minutes to get there). At first Mom was a bit MIGHTY, WHERE-THE-HECK-AM-I lost but then she decided that we were just gonna go down the first public footpath we saw, which turned out to be a good plan since when we got to the first public footpath and went down it Mom recognised it and we stopped being lost. I had a dip in the river which surprised Mom as I don't like water. We carried on down the trail until we got to the top of the hill. The view look something like this:

At the top we stopped for a good fifteen minutes to catch our breath, for me to have a drink and a snack. Which I enjoyed thoroughly and went it was taken away I strongly disagreed, so to protest I climbed on Mom's chest and started licking her treat bag where I knew she hid it. But the little flea didn't give it to me. :( But I guess a rare moment of human intelligence shone through when she gave it back to keep me busy in the car. I chased the ball a bit but Mom was appalled when she threw it hard and I didn't chase, instead I let it roll all the way down the steep hill. Serve her right for stealing my chew! On the other hand I did start to feel a bit guilty when it happened again. When we got back to the top of the hill we set off again. We passed cows, a lake-which I was scared of, don't judge- a waterfall and some fields we reached the main road. Mom got out her phone to call for Mamma and Middle Guy to pick us up-which, luckily, they did. 

Waiting for the bus...

Before I went into the river- did you know rivers are wet. :(

I didn't lose my dignity after my short dip.

Pointing Stance

Come on Mom! You're so slow!

Nearly there!

Pit Stop

I've a fairly good recall

Almost the hilltop 

Waiting for the ball to be thrown again

Crazy eyes

Yummy chew!


The wooded bit

Who's that?

Posing for a pic

The cows.

Mamma and Middle Guy still had some shopping to do so they dropped us off at a gas station to walk the 10 minutes home. On the way Mom took some last photos and I got to play with a spaniel puppy.

Final leg of the journey

Licks and Wags,

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