Monday, 8 April 2013

Lazy Time

I took this idea off Riley on Adventures of a Cattle Dog. Why not have a laze day? So I did. I go the jealous glare from Mom once every half hour as she went about cleaning the kitchen, muttering something about it not being fair. News flash Mom: Life ain't fair! But she got her own back by doing a photo session. Mom is starting to get into photography now that she has a free model. Mom was gonna go into town today to look at some photography books in the library but there was a change of plans when she realised she left a crucially item in the car, which was off with Mamma, : HER LIBRARY CARD! So the trip is going to take place tomorrow- with a bonus trip to a pet store to buy some stuff for MOI!

Here are the results of the lazy photo shoot (excuse the rubbish quality, Mom was experimenting on her camera) :

Just chillin'

Sooo warm

This is the life

Got your nose!

Bug eyes

Is it safe to come out?

Love this one!

Licks and Wags,


  1. Oh we liked lots and lots of them, if we want a good picture my big sister kylei has to come over and take them with her real camera and not a crackerjack one like my momma has.
    stella rose

  2. Thank you! I'll tell Mom to keep them coming.