Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A dog breed quiz...

Hi all! So you all know those personality quizzes on-line? Yeah, well I took one of those- I know they're meant for people but a crossbreed has a wild imagination as any so I adapted the questions to fit my doggie needs and I got...* drum roll*... a MIXED BREED! What a surprise  right? NOT. Still good to know that I am what I am- according to a cheap on-line quiz but hey!

Here is what it said:

Country of Origin: ---- (UK)
Size: --- (Small)
Coat: --- (Hard to detemine- a mix of rough, fluffy and short)
Character: Mixed breeds are possibly the friendliest of dogs! They are very open and sociable, and have a great disposition. (Soooo true! But I can be a little shy of dogs I don't know)
Temperament: Mixed breeds are often more stable then their pure-bred counterparts. Depending on what breeds you mix with, mixes moods will vary (I'm the happiest and funniest -not to mention prettiest- puppy EVER!)
Care: --- (I don't need much grooming- just a daily brushing during shedding season will do but I need the same love and devotion as any breed.)
Training: Because mixes often become very attached to their owners, training may difficult. Once again, depending on what breeds you mix with, moods will vary. They would possibly do best in Obedience classes (Puppy-cock! I am very easy to train- Mommy says so!)
Activity: --- (I go on long walks and when summer comes Mom might start some easy agility!)

If you want to have a go and see what breed of dog you are, go here:  What breed of dog are you?

Wags and Licks,

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