Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ten Weeks of Evening Jogs

Hey pups! Mom has a new aim. To get fit. And slim down. That means I'll be getting fitter too and I don't even have any extra fat! So what was Mom thinking dragging me into this? Well, this morning we both read a post on the Erie-sisti-Bulls blog titled: 60 Days of Morning Walks. It talks about how the dogs aren't getting their morning walks and how now they are planning on walking every morning for the next 60 days. Our evening walks have also become slightly TOTALLY non-existent, now they have transformed from walks into jogs. I have a problem with the leash when Mom is running and holding it but Mom thinks it'll pass as I get used to it because towards the end of our jog today I was calming running alongside, so we're not going to treat it as a problem yet-hopefully we won't have to Mom says but training is just a way of getting treats and toys, right? We are following a simple plan we found as a result of a quick Google search. It is a ten week plan building up to running consistently for 20 minutes. Terrifying, am I correct? But Mom insists it is a great way for me to get my evening exercise, and what Mom says goes. After our jog today this is what I look like: How can she do this to me?


Cutie pie!

Leave me alone!

Mom: What is she doing?
Licks and Wags,

PS. This is the plan we are doing: How to get fit: Running for Beginners


  1. That is fantastic!!! You sound a bit like me but now I am doing really quite a lot better and have walked Max a decent amount every day! Yea! Keep up the awesome work!!!! That's wonderful!!!

  2. My mom always says, "A tired terrier is a good terrier!"
    Keep up the good work!


  3. OMG, I wish Rocco would look that tired after our walks/runs. There's no tiring out this pup!

  4. Good Luck!! We've been doing pretty well with our morning walks...I hope we keep it up!