Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Mischief- Bed Mess Style!

Hey pups! Boy, did I get up to some mischief today! Mom came back home as usual but there was something slightly odd, she says. As she closed the front door, there was silence...for a full 5 seconds. Then I appeared at the top of the stairs, looking VERY guilty! You know the drill: tailed tucked underneath, ears flat and those killer puppy dog eyes. Mom knew something was up. She was nice and didn't mention it straight away, it was too late anyway- a 'no' would have been pointless and stressing. Instead, Mom gave me a huge welcome, took off her shoes and coat and THEN went up the stairs to discover this:


Well, I do have to let my hair down, don't I? Sure not the best way to do it but still!

Also, today's jog went well. Mom actually ran for the required amount of time this once around. And I wasn't tugging on the leash every step of the way.


Licks and Wags,


  1. Barktastically, that sounds like a pawsome word.

  2. Sounds like ya just took it in stride ;) Big congrats to you for your jogging time! Heck just fast (ish) walking had been kicking my butt! But I'll get there ;)

  3. well at least the top of her head didn't explode, it looked pretty good to me!
    stella rose