Monday, 15 April 2013

Monday Mischief

Luna, A Dog's Life

Hey guys! So I've had a barking mad weekend, on Saturday as you guys have seen I've discovered the wonders-and terrors- of curtain changing all around the house-check it out here. On the Sunday I went for a long walk with Middle Guy and I found a golf ball (which Middle Guy promptly took off me but still)! In the morning on Sunday I'd gotten my worming tablet-yuck!- which meant I couldn't eat ALL day! I was starving my the evening and I gobbled my food up. However, I soon burnt all that off in the garden while Mom and Middle Guy threw a ball for me and chatted among themselves. We stayed in the garden for a good couple of hours, which meant that my the time it was through I was soaked to the paws in mud. Nodoggy knows how but in human brains this means the dreaded word...I don't think I can spell it... B...A...T...H. There I wrote it. No one can call me a scaredy cat now! It was the worst bath ever. I was in there for AGES! But the water isn't the worst part. No, after the water comes THE TOWEL!!! That is the treatment I get for being World's Greatest Pet!!! Would you believe it? Tell me your bath horror stories (or a pleasant bath story if you are a freak of nature!).

What are you doing with those trash cans?

Chillaxing in the garden

Is that a ball I see?

It's on!

I told you to leave the trash ALONE!

Tug with Mom

Licks and Wags,


  1. Love the "It's On" look - what a perfect caption! ha! The "B" word is a no-no here for sure! We bought these special doggie bath wipes for in between groomer time. Max never wants to get his feet wet or himself dirty so luckily for me it's affordable then to get him bathed there. He doesn't mind the wipes at all and they are pretty good but the "B" word....did it once and that was so traumatic for him that I figured, they can be the "bad guys" :)

  2. Yeah! Play time! Riley wishes she was there to play with you!! :)

    Elyse and Riley

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I like how u said u were in the bath for AGES. Don't u just hate when the peeps can't hurry it up when it comes to giving us bathes. Mommy once had a dog who would only go into the tub if u threw food in there. Every time mommy makes pancakes she thinks of when she used to have to lure her dog Buddy into the tub with a pancake.

  4. Well baby gussie had a bath last night too and my momma always puts his towels in the dryer before he gets out of the tub so they will be nice and warm, maybe your momma should do that. Tell her!
    stella rose

  5. that sounds like it was a pretty rough day. Glad I have my baths at the vet only!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  6. I'll pass on the message. It is a great idea, Stella Rose! I sure like the warmth. BOB, Lassiter, Mom wishes I would stay in for food but I hate it too much. Hope you all like the new header!