Saturday, 20 April 2013

FitDog Friday

Hey pups! I really enjoyed posting about my activities last week, I hope you enjoy this week's post.

Today, we here in England- at least where I live- had great weather. Well, as good as it'll ever get at this time of the year. It was 12°C and sunny all day- not a cloud to be seen (well...almost, just one or two on the horizon.) The original plan was for Mom and me to go on a hike that we have been on before early in the morning. However, Big Guy had a new idea: that we all -with the exception of Mamma- take the car into a town/village about 19-21 miles away and go for a walk around there. There were some beautiful ruins, a river, other dogs and people. 
The ruins


I am FAST! Really FAST!

Look what the wind did to my ear, Mom!

Waiting around for the gang! Jeesh, you humans pay an awful lot of attention to navigating! Just use you nose!


You are soooo behind!

Under the fence!

Running is tiring!

Eeeew! What is this Mom?


That is a very interesting shoe you got there!

Best pic of the day!

A new breed of dog perhaps?
At the beginning of the walk there was a beautiful russety Labrador who leapt into the river after a stick- has he gone biscuits?

That wraps up my FitDog Friday! Enjoy yours with

Licks and Wags,


  1. Go Dina, do. Looks like a really fun adventure. Thanks for joining our Blog Hop!

  2. Wow you can really run fast. I love the picture of you getting airborne! That looks like a fun walk with lots of great sites and sniffs I'm sure. Thanks for being a fit dog an joining FitDog Friday!

  3. That big open field is a great place for a pup to go airborne! wheeeee! Looks like you had a great time! Nice meeting you on the Blog Hop.
    Diane and Rocco

  4. Dina,me and Ma wanna go there!! That looks like a total blast!!! You can even FLY! Wow! We didn't know about your hidden talents of flight! Great videos too! Too bad we can't just hop in the car to come hang with ya!

  5. Your scenery ain't so bad guys! I'd love to meet you too Max, you're a smashing chap! Shame we're on opposite ends of the pond.