Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Four Sleeping Positions of Dog

Hey pups! Mom was reading an interesting book (Dog Lover's Daily Companion) that she got out of the library. It is brilliant- full to bursting of tips, facts and other snippets of information. The one that particulary intrigued me was the page titled 'What Kind of Sleeper Is Your Dog?' Now, of course, I'm asking you, fellow pups, that very question!

Belly and Side Sleeper

"Most of the time a dog is sleeping on his side or belly with all four paws laid out, he is dozing. Less often, he may fall into a deep sleep from this position."

Back Sleeper

"To many dog owners, this is the funniest of all positions: four paws in the air. A dog gets dream sleep and is the most relaxed in this position, because his stomach is exposed to the air, so he is able to keep cool, and none of his muscles are tense,so he is able to relax completely. In this position- and the side positions to a lesser extent- is where you will witness a lot of the funny dream states happening, including kicking, wagging tails, nose ad whiskers twitching, muffled barks and cries, mouths moving like they are eating, feet running, snoring, an, sometimes, flat-out bliss."

This is my favourite but Mom doesn't have any pics! but they will be up soon!

Curled-Up-In-A-Ball Sleeper

"This is a common resting or napping position. Dogs wake up very quickly from this position."

Lying Back-toBack

"When a dog sleeps back-to-back next to another dog, they are bonding: They feel safe protecting each other. When they lie on their backs next to you, they are taking time to bond with you."

I don't do this one. 

What sleeper are you?

Licks and Wags,


  1. well we are all those things, but yes we do sleep right against each other, it is a three dog pug pile for sure!
    stella rose

  2. Riley is a back sleeper, but she does all of those positions at some point, come to think of it! Interesting facts!

    Elyse and Riley

  3. Max is either a belly sleep or in a ball...never thought about that!

  4. I'm mostly a back sleeper...the curled up pose you must admit, was learned from CATS.......
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. We sleep all those ways. My (lassies) favorite is all 4 feet in the air. Benji likes the bond method.

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