Thursday, 18 April 2013

A 'Hold It' Session in the Life of Dina

Hey pups! Today I've had two barktastic ideas for a post! Indeed, they were so good that I decided to do both! This is the first idea that I have had! A short while ago, I posted the method for teaching a dog to hold an object in its mouth. I persuaded Mom to film one of today's sessions. We have been learning for not a long while and I am at the stage of holding it for longer periods of time in my mouth but I will drop it if Mom let's go. She has been clicking if I hold on when she loosens the grip Mom has on the toy. As you can see from the video below, I'm not pro quite yet and neither is Mom- we both welcome CONSTRUCTIVE critique! The toy is a simple flying disk and Mom is using:

These are all treats that Mom bought on her treat spending spree. With no further ado, I hereby present The Video: 

Licks and Wags,


  1. treats work well for everything at our house...well most everything......sigh.....
    stella rose

  2. Still working hard on recall over here :)